Kangen Water – Alkaline Water Sensation

Just what is Kangen Water?  It is a brand of alkaline water  ionizer produced by Enagic, a company out of Japan.    The company is very committed to helping improve the health of the community.  So much so, that they have Kangen Water stations all over Japan that give away this miracle water.

This alkaline water is used in hundreds of hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages, for drinking and treating wounds.  This water is not just filtered, but put through a process ionizes it.

The company is so committed to getting this amazing product, they have water stations all over Japan, where it is given out to the public free.   This can not be said by any other water ironizers, and for this reason, I am convinced it is the ionizer, most Americans have in their home.

What is Kangen Water?

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This is one of the most recognized names in alkaline water.  I had never known about  its benefits until someone approached me about it.  Is is amazing!   Those who drink it believe it to be, and is the only thing they drink.   There are however, other  alkaline water ionizer companies that are quite good; but none have the long standing reputation of Enagic!

Enagic are the makers or these units and is a company established over 30 years ago.  They are so convinced of its healing properties, that the company has locations all over Japan, where it is given away free of charge.  I don’t know any company that will stand by its product to this degree.

How Many Types of Kangen Water are there?

There are five types of Kangen water:

  • For Drinking pH 9.5, 9.0, 8.5
  • Clean Water pH 7.0
  • Beauty Water pH 5.5
  • Strong Acidic pH 2.5
  • Strong Alkaline pH 11.5

When you first start drinking alkaline water, it is important to gradually increase the pH level of alkaline water.  Especially, if you are on medication, or eat too much meat, and processed foods. As you begin to drinking it, you will slowly detoxify and avoid, possible uncomfortable systems, such as, aches, or digestions discomforts.  You will start with 8.5 pH for a week or so and then move up to 9.0 and eventually 9.5.

Begin your Day Right with Water

If you want to start your day with true energy, start your morning, by drinking two 8 oz glasses.  It will charge your system, without crashing later, like after drinking coffee and other caffeinated beveragesDrink it throughout the day instead of soda, power beverages and sugary drinks.  You will feel better and work, with consistent energy, through the day.

The best way to drink it is, straight from the machine.    You can also use it for oral health, bad breath, ulcers, and more.  Alkalinity can last for several  weeks, but ORP (oxidation reduction potential diminishes after two or three days.  For the best results, drink fresh daily.

How to Drink Kangen Water

Begin with pH  8.0 for a week, particularly if you have a medical issue, or are very toxic, for alcohol use, drug use of environmental pollution.  This level pH will ensure you have no uncomfortable detoxification symptoms.  Kangen Water will clean and detoxify your body!

After a week, you can proceed to drink 8.5 pH and after a week, you can go to drinking 9.5 pH.   After that, you can drink any level drinking water you want.  You will notice many different physical changes, such as sleeping better, more energy or relief from acid reflux.  Keep in mind for the best results, do not drink carbonated beverages, or sports drinks, that are very acidic.  It is a good idea to write down a list of physical complaints, you are experiencing.   After a week or two, check the list to see which things have improved or disappeared completely!

Storing Kangen Water

The water is best when stored in  porcelain or dark colored glass jugs.  Be sure the top screwed on tightly and out of direct sunlight.  The things that affect t he potency of the water is movement, light and air.  It can be refrigerated if you like cold water or room temperature, which is healthier.

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      Jim, Kangen water distributors are not allowed to sell water. However, there are health food stores that may be allowed to sell water. You best option is to buy a Kangen water unit for your home so that you can get the water fresh, every time you use it. Good luck!


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