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Alkaline Water Benefits – Personal Testimonies

Alkaline water benefits.  There are tremendous benefits to drinking Kangen Water.  According to the DEA, you can not make any medical claims by using alternative health methods.  But you can not challenge someone’s personal experience.  That is why I am sharing these testimonials and the health benefits of alkaline water.  I have not been the same since I started drinking and using Kangen water.  

My Introduction to Kangen Alkaline Water

I have heard of claims of improved health and increase energy when drinking it.   I met someone in my city, who gave out free trials.  I wondered what the gimmick was because I am a bit skeptical when someone offers something for free.   I drank two glasses of water as I sat with the distributor, as she explained the benefits of the alkaline water.    Within the first hour of drinking a few glasses of water, I noticed how soft and moist my skin became. This was very exciting because I had to use lotion all year around because of dry skin. 

The second thing I noticed was, I didn’t need to use chapstick.   I had a habit of carrying chapstick wherever I went because of dry lips.   I would actually panic if I found I did not have any with me.   Then I notice how soft and smooth my skin became because the water hydrates your body more efficiently and quicker than regular water.  I was so impressed with the lightness of the taste of the water!

Asthma Improves

I would like to tell you about alkaline water benefits, and what I and my family experienced.  I drank the water for several weeks and began to see great changes.  For years I have suffered from Asthma was a serious problem for me for years.  I went to the emergency room at least every three to four months for asthma attacks.   One of the things they would ask me was if I was dehydrated.  I was often given an IV.

The lungs are about 83% water, so I would make sense that if I was dehydrated, it would affect my breathing.  They always sent me home with a prescription for steroids like prednisone.   Steroids can cause serious medical problems when taken long term, but there is not another treatment stop asthma when you are in a full-blown attack.  Since I have been drinking Kangen water, I have not been in the emergency room for asthma, in over three years!

My Husband’s Story

My husband works as an arborist.  His job entails a lot of climbing and the use of a 15-pound chainsaw up a tree.  For years, he had a lot of pain in his arms, and one shoulder in particular.  After drinking the water, he noticed more energy when working in the heat.   After a while, he told me that pain in the shoulder and arms were gone.  He doesn’t go to work without it, and when sharing it with his workers, they have noticed improved stamina, especially when working in hot weather.

My Son’s Experience

My son is a veteran and has served in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  As a result, he has problems with pain in his knees and back.  I took him five gallons of 8.0.  My son called me a few days later and told me that he went running and the pains in his knees were almost all gone, and he had no pain the day after running.   This is how alkaline water benefits, the body during exercise.  * These accounts are personal testimonies and we do not claim this product has any healing properties.  We do know that it is scientifically proven that there is a connection between proper hydration and digestion as well as health.

Gout Improves

There was a man who had terrible problems with gout.  He was constantly in pain and had difficulty walking.  I had a friend who gave free water samples.  After a few days, his gout was better and the swelling began to go down.  After a week the pain was substantially less and he was able to wear shoes without pain.  His mobility improved as well as his quality of life!  

Alkaline water has Many Benefits

The Mayo Clinic states that there is no proof that alkaline has any medical benefits.  However, the Mayo Clinic is in the business of treating not preventing disease.  Another study at the First Hospital of Shanghai suggests that drinking alkaline water may indeed help those diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.  We suggest you try the water for yourself.  I suggest Kangen alkaline water.

  • Help boost the immune system
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Improves psoriasis through
  • Promotes better hydration
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Helps balance body pH