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Why I Drink Kangen Water® and Stopped Drinking Tap Water

If you ever drink Kangen Water®, you will never want to drink any other water again!  I must have stopped drinking tap water for about 5 or 6 years ago when I learned that municipal drinking water had harmful chemicals, such as lye, arsenic, and chlorine, just to name a few.

I decided to stop drinking distilled water and was very proud of my commitment.  Several years later, my world came crashing down, when I found out that most of the water, I was buying was, dead, acidic and worse of all…it was drawn from municipal taps. That’s right, tap water!  It can be discouraging to find out you can’t even trust companies that sold Aquafina and Dasani.

Why I Drink Kangen Water®

A year later, I heard about this  Kangen Water®, while at the health-food store, when I overheard someone talking about it. I was extremely interested in it for its health benefits. I found someone who let me try the pH water without any obligation to buy a machine.

My first sip of water made me feel like I had never tasted real water before.  It was so light and had no odor or taste at all. Within a few minutes, my thinking became clearer, and I actually had more energy. Little did I realize the negative effects of drinking dead water. pH water is living water, with antioxidants, superior hydration through micro-clustering, and improve alkalinity.

I traveled 35 miles three times a week until, I got tired of chasing the water, and purchased my very own Kangen machine!  find out how to buy a Kangen Machine®.  I still remember the day my machine came. It was like Christmas! Never again would I have to buy water or travel for Kangen Water®; it was coming right from my own kitchen faucet!

Types of Water the Machine Makes

The machine produces five types of water, with endless uses. I am now working from home and loving the freedom I have, to be my own boss, while helping people experience the health benefits of superior hydration and clean water!

1. Strong Water – use for food preparation and cleaning
2. Kangen Water – use for cooking/drinking
3. Clean Water – use for drinking
4. Acidic Water – use for beauty and personal hygiene care
5. Strong Acidic Water – use for cleaning and sanitizing

Please don’t continue to pay for tap water, do some research, and buy an alkaline filtration machine for your home or office.  Your family will love yours for it!  Here’s drinking to your health!

Locating a Distributor

If you want to try alkaline water, look for a distributor in your® town by Googling, “Kangen Water”.  Call around until you find someone who is willing to let you try the water a few times.  Some will give you one gallon of water, and some more.  It does depend on the person.  Good luck!


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