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Health Benefits of Enagic Kangen Water®

The Japanese have been drinking  Kangen Water®, for almost 40 years. It has been in the US for less than 10 years, and is now the #1 selling water alkalizer on the market!   Alkaline water is used by millions of people throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the world.  Many companies produce ionizers, but only Enagic is the oldest and most trusted manufacturer in the field.   According to a New York Times report.

“In 2015, nearly 77 million Americans lived in places where the water systems were in some violation of safety regulations*”   If we can’t trust local municipal water companies to make sure we have clean water, it is our job to do it.  Kangen Water units have filters that block many of these harmful elements in our drinking water.

Many other companies are making filtration machines that produce ionizers but are comparable to Kangen Water® filtration and alkalizing systems, company reputation, or quality.  It is said, this is what the water does,  brings your body back to the condition the creator originally intended.  Of course, this is a marketing statement, but everyone I have talked to who drinks the water swears by it.

In Japan, Enagic has water stations all over, where it is given out freely to the public, as a community service.  I don’t know any company that believes that much of their product, that they give it away to thousands of people daily.  Now 1 in 5 Japanese families own an Enagic Kangen Water® machine!

Benefits You May Experience

Water is the source of life and if you are to be healthy, you must drink lots of it daily.  It is good for riding the body of toxins.  Toxicity is one of the main reasons for joint pain, lack of energy, and disease.  For the body to function properly we have to drink healthy water.  I have heard many testimonies of people losing 5, 10 15 pounds or more after drinking alkaline water regularly.

There are numerous benefits to drinking alkaline water:

  • Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better digestion and elimination
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Sleeping better
  • Superior hydration
  • Better digestion and elimination

Physical Appearance

Along with body cleansing, Kangen water also rejuvenates the skin and keeps it hydrated. It aids the skin in replacing tissues and as well contributes to its elasticity and the overall health of the skin. It will also help with detoxifying the skin and causing it to look smoother and leading to fewer breakouts. When the balance in pH is kept in check by eating good food, nutrients can be more readily absorbed by the skin.

This contributes to a younger more youthful look. Water that is alkaline aids in your goals for weight loss by the breakdown of fatty essentials in food. It can also be seen and used as a natural suppressant of appetite since it has no calories yet is able to leave you satisfied and refreshed. All of these physical improvements combined will make you feel revitalized.

Powerful Features of Alkaline Water


1.  Oxidation is what causes aging and sickness. ie, apple, potatoes, avocado. If you want to slow down the process of sickness and aging of the body you have to use something that reverses it hence, anti-oxidation.   We see the promotion of antioxidants in vitamins, tea, cod liver oil, berries, and other products that promote health and undue damage from toxins and free radicals.


2.  Regular water has 15-20 molecules. Of course the larger the molecules, the more limited the absorption by the body. Kangen Water has 5-6 molecules, which give it the ability to penetrate your body at a cellular level. It begins to hydrate your brain in less than one minute.  These microclusters allow greater absorption and penetration by the body.


3.  Proper alkalinity encourages better health.   Things that contribute to the acidity of the body are soda, processed foods, stress, industrial pollution, sports drinks, and sparkling flavored waters.   These fluids do more to produce acid in the body that helps to hydrate.  Acidic is the main cause of acid reflux and other digestive problems.  This water helps to stop the acid reflux.

Other Types of Drinking

Alkaline Water machines produce, 5 types of water, that can be used for, drinking, cooking, food preparation, like cleaning products, cleaning and disinfecting your home for greener cleaning, and more.

  1. Strong Acidic Water (over 11.5), for cleaning floors, cleaning vegetables and fruits
  2. 3 Levels of alkaline water (pH 8.5-9.5), Used for drinking and cooking
  3. Beauty water (4.0-6.0), for the skin
  4. Clean water (7.0 pH), used for drinking water, removes chlorine and impurities

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