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Why I Drink Kangen Water and Stopped Drinking Tap Water

Why I Drink Kangen Water and Stopped Drinking Tap Water

If you ever drink Kangen water, you will never want to drink any other water again!  I must have stopped drinking tap water for about 5 or 6 years ago when I learned that municipal drinking water had harmful chemicals, such as lye, arsenic, and […]

Find Kangen Water Distributor

Find Kangen Water Distributor

Looking for a Kangen Water distributor near you?   If you have heard about this  alkaline water and wanted to try it out for yourself, you may need a little help. There is a lot of alkaline water companies out there, and many companies have jumped on […]

Alkaline Water for Better Dehydration

Alkaline Water for Better Dehydration

What is hydration?    It is the restoration, or maintenance of fluid balance with water.  Jane E. Brody once said, ” “Cold water is the fastest and safest way to hydrate an ordinary athlete.” Hydrating with water,  is  the most important factor, when  participating in any sport!

Hydration Sappers

The culprits to proper hydration are coffee, soda, fructose-filled fruit juices that we drink every day, instead of water.  Sodas, and coffee have no health benefits at all.  Caffeinated beverages, have a diuretic effect, that causes the body to excrete more fluid, increasing dehydration.

We are made up of 70% water, and can not operate at peak levels, when we do not drink enough healthy pH balanced water each day.  The brain, our muscles, lungs need  constant hydration, to function properly and think clearly.

The Results of Long-Term Dehydration

Chronic dehydration, causes the body to hold onto waste and our system becomes sluggish, weak and toxic.  Dehydration can also lead to constipation, fatigue and the prevention us from getting the full benefits of the food we eat.  Over time the body systems can begin to break down, resulting in illness. or disease.  One of the keys to making sure we and our families are healthy is to make sure we stay hydrated.

Alkaline water, is an excellent source of hydration, as well as oxidation, because these water molecules are about a third the size of regular water, (micro-clustered) causing the body to quick absorb water into our cells.  pH or alkaline water, also accelerates detoxification and improves digestion and elimination.  The main thing is to incorporate lots of water into your day, and if possible drink  pH water for better health and vitality!

Are you Chronically Dehydrated?

Most people do not realize they are suffering from chronic dehydration. We are drinking all the time. We are drinking soda, tea, coffee, juices smoothies, but how much water do we actually drink every day. The recommended amount of water intake, is 6 – 8 glasses of water, but how much room to we have for water, if we are drinking everything else but water?

Many people have come to the realization that the municipal water source, is not only contaminated, but filled with chemicals  like lye, prescription drugs, cyanide, phosphorus and other things they rather not drink, and have switched to drinking bottled water.

In 2007, some of the major bottle waters, that produce Aqufina and Disana were exposed and to out dismay, discovered we were drinking ‘tap’ water So now what do you do, when you can’t trust Pepsi or Coke?

My First Drink of Alkaline Water

I met a someone willing to share the water with me at no cost.  When I began to drink the water, it was, as though I was drinking water for the first time!  The water had not odor, such as chlorine or other odors you may smell when drinking tap water.

The water had no taste at all.  I immediately knew that this was how water was intended to taste and smell. It was so refreshing. I wanted more and more and more. Within twenty minutes, I noticed that my skin was moist and hydrated, like never before.    Once I began to drink alkaline water, I found it difficult to return to bottled water.

What does Alkaline Water do?


Oxidation is what turns an apple or potato brown. From the moment, you cut into it, it begins to get old and break down. Oxidation is also what causes us to age, and become sick. You can go to any health-food store and see supplements that contain antioxidants.  

Now you can even a supermarket, for that matter, and see labels that read, “antioxidants added.” Why, because it has been proven that antioxidants help to improve your health and appearance. If you want to combat free-radical damage to your body antioxidants in alkaline water will help.


Micro-clustering helps promote quick efficient hydration.  It hydrates on a cellular level causing almost immediate results.  Alkaline water molecules are 5-6 causing quicker and more effective absorption by the body. Regular water molecules are 15-20 in size, causing a slower rate of hydration to the body.

You can drink one or two glasses of water, and you will not feel bloated. Why, because it doesn’t stay in the stomach but is immediately dispersed throughout your body. Since the body is 75% water, so how important is it to drink the right water?


All human disease comes from acidic in the body, which inhibits the healing of the body and prevention of sickness. Alkaline water alkalizes the body to the proper pH levels for ultimate health.

 Why the FDA Doesn’t want us to talk about Alkaline Water

The FDA, will not allowed me to tell you that alkaline water can heal illness.   What I can say, is that many diseases are caused because of chronic dehydration.   The more water you drink, the healthier you will be, if you limit processed food and carbonated beverages.

If you have lived in this country any amount of time, you know that this country is sickness and drug driven.  Doctors are not trained in holistic healing, and they will usually prescription drugs, that usually cause other medically problems (side effects).

If  the public remains uninformed to the benefits of this water, the drug industry will continue to get rich while you remain on pharmaceuticals that cause multiple side effects. Nevertheless, you owe it to yourself to find our more about this amazing water. Do your research to find out what is best for you and your family.

Kangen Water Benefits – Personal Testimonies

Kangen Water Benefits – Personal Testimonies

There are tremendous benefits to drinking Kangen Water. I have not been the same since I started  drinking and using Kangen water.   I have heard of claims of improved health and increase energy when drinking it.   I met someone in my city, who gave out […]

How to Treat Foot Fungus with Kangen Water

How to Treat Foot Fungus with Kangen Water

Did you know you could treat foot fungen with Kangen Water?  Foot fungus or athletes’ foot is an infection that affects the skin of the feet.  Common symptoms are constant burning and itching and burning  and painful cracking on the bottom of the foot and […]