The Many Different uses for Alkaline Water

There are so many wonderful uses for alkaline water.   Once I began to use it, I used it for everything.  Even my cats love it.  The most important use for this product, is as a pure drinking water.   The pH of  water used for drinking are 8.5 to 9.0 pH.  If you have never drank alkaline water, it is best to start at 8.5 and work your way up to 9.5 after a few weeks.  The reason for this is if your body is very toxic, you may experience some discomforts as your body is going through the cleaning process.  Some people experience no discomfort at all depending on age and health.

Uses for Alkaline Water


Water of 6.0 is slightly acidic and the pH of healthy skin.  This water is useful in hydrating the skin while acting as an astringent to balance, and tone the skin.  You can also mist your skin throughout the day, to help maintain hydration.   Of course the most effective way of hydrating the skin.

Teas and Coffee

You can used to cook foods and make coffee and tea.  Because of the micro-clustering properties, it helps penetrate and extract the flavor of all foods.  When using to prepare instant coffee, you will only need have of your regular portion to get the same strength beverage.  When preparing green natural untreated green tea, you do not need to use hot water at all.   Poor 8.5 pH over a green tea bag and the tea will be extracted without heat.

Cuts Cooking Time

When using for preparing meals, foods cooked with pH water, actually need less time to cook.   Regular water molecules are 12-20, but alkaline is 5-6 molecules. As mentioned earlier the micro-clustering of the water cause it to penetrate food molecules and cook quicker.     It also improves the texture and taste of food.  Dried beans can be prepared in about one hour and if you are usually helps eliminate digestive disturbance associated with eating beans!  Use it to steam vegetables that retain their color and flavor.

Improve Athletic Performance

Alkaline water far surpasses the hydrating capabilities of, bottled,  Gatorade, PowerAde and other sports drinks on the market.  While these drinks do hydrate, the downside is that they are as acidic as soda and not great for if you are looking to balance your pH.   Alkaline water has antioxidants, which help limits the damage of free radicals and detoxifies impurities what cause muscle cramping.

Clean and Disinfect

Strong acidic pH, is a disinfectant.  It can kill bacteria, germs and virus, when it comes in contact with it.  It can be uses to kill bad breath, cleans wounds, kill fungus that cause athletes feet, treat skin allergies, as well as to sanitized surface areas of your home.  Use it to disinfect the nursery or children’s toys.

There are many other uses for  or cleaning, pets, plant and organic gardening.  I will talk more about that in the days to come.

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