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Why I Stopped Drinking Soda

I to tell you why I stopped drinking soda. From the time I heard how terrible soda is for our health, I stopped drinking it!  Alkaline water has been the substitute for carbonated beverages.  Millions of people all over drink soda.  You can find Pepsi and Coke in the most remote places

You can find Pepsi and Coke in the most remote places on the earth.  Carbonated drinks, have been a part of our holiday celebrations and used as a reward for a hard days work.  We drink it, out kids drink it, everybody drinks it.

The question is, “is soda good for you”?    I knew that Coke Cola can remove rust from a penny.  It didn’t make me stop drinking soda.  I knew it was loaded with sugar, that didn’t stop me from drinking it until I got serious about my health.  I believe most people know that soda is no good for them, but drink it anyway.  Americans are hopelessly addicted to soda.

What’s in Diet Soda?

In diet soda alone, the EWG and Food and Drug Administration found that 79% of diet soda tested between 1995 and 2001 contained benzene, a chemical that has been linked to leukemia.   The average benzene level found in the diet soda was 19 parts per billion, nearly 4 times higher than the tap water standard which is 5 parts per billion.

Though the amount of benzene and Aspartame in many soft drinks is not a large amount, how much poison is an acceptable amount, to make you feel good about drinking it?    If the amounts of benzene that is found in some soft drinks, were found in our drinking water the FDA would have to post a warning to the public.   It is up to us to become aware and the demand changes that will keep our families safe.


Environmental Working Group


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