Where to Buy Kangen Water

Where to Buy Kangen Water

If you are one of the many lucky folks that have heard about Kangen Water, congratulations!  Have you heard of people who buy Kangen water?  It is an option, though not the best one.   To find a distributor, who is willing to share this life-changing water with you. Talk to the person who introduced you to the water; they may know of one or two people who are will give you a free trial of the water. The length of time a distributor is willing to share the water with you will vary from one gallon to one month or more.

If you cannot  find anyone who has a water machine, do a Google search on “Kangen water.” This should pull up a list of distributors in your area and contact numbers. If you are interested in buying a machine, any distributor, in any state can help you.

Facebook, is another place to look for people who will gladly share alkaline water with you. Keep in mind, people are not required to give you free water. This is the option of the individual distributor.  So, if you don’t find someone right away, keep trying. I will be worth it.

When you Buy Kangen Water

Enagic does not allow their distributors to sell the water.  If a distributor is reported they will loose their distributorship and will not be allowed to sell the machines.  There are, however, people with machines who are not distributors, who are willing to sell the water.  This is not really beneficial to the seller as they have to pay for water and replace the filter often.

The problem is the person purchasing the water never know if the seller is using a clean filter or not.  If you must buy the water, ask them to do a pH test in front of you, so you can see the potency of the water. 

If not, you may be wasting your money, and see little or no health benefits at all.  There are also health-food or distributor stores that offer the water legally, and maintain the cleanliness of the machines, but changing the filters often.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

Remember, a sample is only to give you an idea of what the water tastes like and to seem introductory benefits.You never get the full benefit from the water until you are getting it fresh daily from the machine.  Kangen Water machines are expensive, but what price do you put on the health of you and your family?

There are many plans and options to purchasing your own machine, such as one-year interest-free when you use a credit card or making a down payment and making monthly payments.