How Kangen Water Works in the Body

Kangen water and other alkaline water products have done more to encourage people to drink more water than any other thing in the past decade.  You can now buy it in health food and distributor stores all over the world.  Water has uttermost importance on earth, and it is the primary reason for the existence of life on it.

It is an abundant resource provided by nature to us and covers approximately 71% surface area of the earth.  This 71% water is present in forms of ponds, rivers, sea, oceans, glaciers, etc. Some water systems are developed by human beings; that includes canal, dam, reservoirs, etc.

What is Kangen Water?

In chemistry, water is denoted as H2O, which depicts the bonding between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom to make one molecule of water. On pH scale, water in a pure form is neutral (pH – 7.0) means it is neither acidic nor basic. In chemistry, pH is given as negative log of the action of the hydrogen ion in an aqueous solution.   On pH scale, alkalis show a measured value of more than 7.0 and it is an ionic salt of an alkaline earth metal or alkali metal.

Kangen water is ionized water, and it can be easily prepared with the help of “alkalizer or ionizer (It is an agent which acts against acidity),” by adding baking soda to tap water or adding alkaline minerals to the water.  Studies show that alkaline water is beneficial for heath.

How Alkaline Water Works in the Body?

A parietal cell in the stomach secretes gastric acid which has a high content of HCL (hydrochloride) and some amount of KCl (potassium chloride) and NaCl (sodium chloride). This is a digestive juice which destroys the unhealthy substances in the food consumed by the human body.

Intake of ionized water neutralizes the acidity in the body and it maintains the alkaline-acid balance. It has a direct contact with the stomach. Generally, stomach maintains a pH of 4.0 but when we drink alkaline water it increases the pH level and hence neutralization happens. When stomach cell senses the increasing pH it starts its process to bring the pH down or near to 4.0.

The Advantages of Drinking Kangen Water

After a thorough understanding, it is evident that the alkaline water has several benefits. The following points given below shows the pros of Kangen water:

Hydration – Escalates vitamin and minerals more hastily in the body than the usual water because it contains less number of molecules.  Hence better hydration is provided by the water.

Anti-Oxidant Agent – It removes toxins from the body which can affect the body because of the unhealthy properties present in them. Generally, toxins come from the unhealthy food that we consume on day to day basis.

Neutralization – It balances the acid-alkaline content in the body by detoxifying and hydrating the body. This balance removes the acidity which can cause a severe headache, stomach ache.

Protection against diseases – It protects our body from bone and cellular deterioration that can become a room for several kinds of diseases. It majorly protects against osteoporosis, kidney and colon disorders. This water can be an antioxidant which acts against the chemicals which destroy the body cell and hence can prevent and even improve diseases like tumor and cancer.

Some studies show that it slows the aging process as it protects the body cell from damage.  It can help in the proper functioning of the pancreas (by protecting cell damage) which can reduce the risk of diabetes by improving the glucose level in the body. Nowadays, we consume fatty acids, spicy and oily foods on a regular basis which can cause acidity.  Acidity can cause uneasiness in the stomach and can be a major cause of tooth decay. Consumption of ionized water can reduce the ill effect and protects body cell, teeth, and bones.

Can Ionized Water Improve Health?

Kangen water improves health indirectly, by removing toxins, hydrating the cell and facilitating improved bodily functions.  There have been many have claims of improvements in conditions like, skin diseases, bone damage, kidney disorder, cancer, diabetes by reducing the toxin content of the body, which is a major reason for the cause of many sicknesses and disease.  In the pancreas, it affects secretion process of insulin and present in blood in the form of waste. Hence, acid content is removed by water intake. Scientifically its long-term exposure will be good or bad is not proved yet.

If Alkaline Water Good of Animals?

Alkaline water shows the same effects on animals, as shown it shows on human beings. Since the diet of both human beings and animals tend to increase the level of acidity and toxicity, thus, alkaline water helps in reducing the level of acid in the body. Further, it helps in reducing the toxicity in the body by acting as an antioxidant in animals.