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Alkaline Water Bottle Craze – Do they Work?

Have you heard of the new alkaline water bottle?  I noticed there are now several on the market.  You can understand the rise of this new product as water ionizers are very popular and expensive.  Because of the high-priced associated with alkaline water machines, everyone is trying to get on the bandwagon. 

Companies are getting onboard with this well-liked health product and have found a less expensive option to the public. The alkaline water bottle is one of the new products claiming they make healthy alkaline water. The question is are they practical, and do they work?

Many are drinking ionized water for the health benefits they claim.  One of the benefits of alkaline water is the antioxidant properties it has.  Antioxidants protect the DNA in our healthy cell from the damage of free radicals, which are harmful chemicals our body absorbs from pollutants.  The question is can you get the same powerful benefits with the alkaline water bottle?

What is an Alkaline Water Bottle?

If you cannot  afford the hefty price ticket to buy a water ionizer, you may have considered purchasing an alkaline water bottle.  An alkaline water bottle is a container that uses mineral stones to create micro-electrolytic properties. 

When water it added it produces in 15 minutes.   There are a number of  models on the market, by several manufacturers, and ranging from 25 to 40$.  Is this actually a good alternative to fresh water from an ionizer machine?

Are Alkaline Water Bottles Practical?

I would say, it is not very practical to use a bottle that turns one glass of water into ionized water.  Everyone loves water, it is a healthy way to cleanse toxins from your body, hydrates and helps your body to function properly.  When you are thirsty, you want something to drink, and you want it right away.  Do you wait 15 minutes for a drink of water?

Why they are not Practical for Daily use:

  1. If you drink 64 ounces of water a day, you would have to prepare the water eight times and wait 15 minutes   between each glass of water you decide to drink. Frustrating…
  2. What do you do when you have two or more people in the family?  Is it practical to buy multiple bottles?
  3. Children may initially think it is fun until the novelty wears off.
  4. Water cannot be immediately accessed.
  5. What if you want to drink more than one glass of water at one sitting?

Why a Water Ionizer is Better

Most people don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables to get sufficient antioxidant benefits needed to prevent free-radical damage.   People who are looking for the benefits that come from ionized water should consider buying a water ionizer.

They are expensive, but a good one has a 15 or more lifespan, and for a small price, can be rebuilt by the manufacturer (Enagic).   The health benefits of fresh water that comes from an ionizer cannot be compared with bottle water.

  • Full on antioxidants
  • Superior alkalinity
  • 15-year  product lifespan
  • You will save money on bottles water
  • Produce hundreds of gallons of water a day

Would you consider purchasing a water alkalizer for your family?