Alkaline Water Uses – Cleans, Disinfects and More

By | 26 February, 2013

There are tons of alkaline water uses.  The water is powerful in cleaning bacteria, germs, foot fungus and many organisms that can make your sick.  You can use alkaline water to clean, disinfect, do laundry, drinking and even cooking.  But let’s talks about cleaning with strong acidic alkaline water:   Alkaline water of 11.0 pH and 2.5 pH work to clean and disinfect.  Water at a pH of 2.5, kills germs, bacteria, and virus in less than a minute after contact.

The bathroom is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  Especially if you have small children.  It is the one place that everyone uses, including the occasional visitor.  You always want your bathroom to be the cleanest place in your home.   Alkaline water can leave you it clean, fresh and spotless.  Here are some way to use alkaline water to clean your bathroom.

Alkaline Water Uses – Cleaning

Use strong acidic alkaline water to scrub and disinfect your tub.  11.0 pH will cut through the grime and grease in the tub and 2.5 pH water will disinfect and kill fungus that may cause athlete’s feet.

The toilet:  Clean the commode, by spraying strong acidic water in the bowl a few time a week to prevent stains and rings.  Clean around the base and back of the toilet with 2.5 pH, to clean where odors are most prevalent.  Keep a mixture in a spray bottle on hand for easy use.

Toothbrush:  Your toothbrush is one of the most bacteria-filled things we can put in our mouth.   Disinfect your toothbrush by spraying it with strong acidic (2.4 pH) water, and then rinsing with alkaline water.  Do this daily or weekly as needed.

Bleeding Gums:  Strong acidic water kills germs and bacteria on contract.  Rinse after brushing to promote healing and stop bleeding.

Mirrors and chrome:   Use 6.0 pH beauty water to clean and shine mirrors and faucets.  Spray 6.0 pH water on mirrors and faucets and dry with a paper towel and get sparkling results, without using glass cleaner.

Laundry:  Use 11.5 pH to soak out stains and use 2.5pH to disinfect babies clothes.

You can clean and disinfect the entire bathroom with 2.5 pH water and 11.0 for floors, doorknobs sinks, etc. for an all-around green bathroom.  Think of the money you will save on products such as tub and time cleaner, toilet cleaner, disinfectant, and window cleaner!

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    Many thanks for educating all on how to use the waters. My wife and I appreciated all your efforts to put information here for us. We just got the machine and would like to know about more uses of the Kangen waters. We will be thankful if you will give us some more information on the usage of the water. God bless you.


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