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5 Ways to Make Alkaline Water

Did you know you can make your own alkaline water at home?  Purchasing a water ionizer can be pretty expensive, but is one of the best ways to have access to hundreds of gallons of fresh ionized H20! There are, however, alternatives to getting the benefits of ionized water without going into debt.  The consumption of alkaline water offers… Read More »

Alkaline Water Benefits – Personal Testimonies

Alkaline water benefits.  There are tremendous benefits to drinking Kangen Water.  According to the DEA, you can not make any medical claims by using alternative health methods.  But you can not challenge someone’s personal experience.  That is why I am sharing these testimonials and the health benefits of alkaline water.  I have not been the same since I… Read More »

Why I Stopped Drinking Soda

I to tell you why I stopped drinking soda. From the time I heard how terrible soda is for our health, I stopped drinking it!  Alkaline water has been the substitute for carbonated beverages.  Millions of people all over drink soda.  You can find Pepsi and Coke in the most remote places You can find Pepsi and Coke… Read More »