Athletic Performance Improves with Kangan Water

Kangan  water  (alkaline) has won great popularity among sports professionals.  If you are an athlete, you understand the power of proper hydration and your performance. The human body has 70 trillion cells, and each cell needs water to function.

It has been found that athletes who drink Kangen water, perform on a higher level and increase stamina.  Performance, flexibility, and muscle recovery are all enhanced by drinking water and double enhanced by drinking alkaline water.

How Alkaline Water Improves Athletic Performance

Improves Hydration

Alkaline water, super-hydrates the muscles and body, gives the oxygen and hydration  needed to perform on a higher level. It is also, causes quicker muscle recovery after a workout.  It is the only water runners can drink before and during a race, without feeling bloated.

Because of the micro-clustering properties of this water, it is quickly absorbed by the body and dispersed throughout the cell, rather than remaining in the stomach.   Standard water contains 15-20 molecules, while alkaline water contains 5-6 .   Kangan water’s alkalization properties, help maintain pH balance within the body and reduce acidity and the occurrence of cramping.

Hydration Improves Stamina During Exercise

Hydration is a key benefit when exercising, performance and physical activity.  When the body loses water, it can result in dehydration which can result in cardiovascular, central nervous function, metabolic and thermoregulatory changes to the body.  Symptoms like nausea, fainting, heart palpitations are just some of the side effects of dehydration.

When exercise is strenuous, perspiration can cause the fluid loss can be more the fluid intake. Proper hydration with Kangen Water can help maintain core body temperature, improve exercise duration, intensity, and improve cardiac stability, and improve muscle recovery.

Alkaline Water Speeds up Metabolism

Alkaline water, will increase metabolism, and many have reported not only to increase performance, but you to  shed a few pounds, just by drinking the water.  Dehydration can cause false hunger.  What do I mean by this?    Have you ever noticed, if you drink a glass of water before  a meal, that you will eat less food?  You’re not hungry as much as your body is craving water.  Try this if you want to lose weight.

Another way alkaline water helps with weight loss is that when the body is toxic, it will hold onto fat, in an attempt to hold onto water.  Water flushes the body of  waste, and along with it speed up the fat-burning process.

Three Major Elements of pH Water:

  • alkalization
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Detoxifying
  • Hydration
  • Micro-clustering

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