Health Benefits of Enagic Kangen Water®

The Japanese have been drinking  Kangen Water®, for almost 40 years. It has been in the US for less than 10 years, and is now the #1 selling water alkalizer on the market!   Alkaline water is used by millions of people throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the world.  Many companies produce ionizers, but only Enagic is the… Read More »

What is Potential Hydrogen or pH?

Potential hydrogen or pH,  is the acronym for the words “potential of hydrogen,” a chemistry term. It is the measure of a substances alkalinity or acidity.    It measures the hydrogen ion concentration of water. While alkalinity, is the measure of the capacity to resist a sudden change in potential hydrogen.   This is called the buffering capacity. It… Read More »

Athletic Performance Improves with Kangan Water

Kangan  water  (alkaline) has won great popularity among sports professionals.  If you are an athlete, you understand the power of proper hydration and your performance. The human body has 70 trillion cells, and each cell needs water to function. It has been found that athletes who drink Kangen water, perform on a higher level and increase stamina.  Performance,… Read More »

Water pH – Types of pH Water

Ionizers produce several types of water with different water pH or alkaline.    They produce an unlimited source of powerful alkaline water, that will super-hydrate your body, detoxify acidic waste, address pain and increase energy!  A quality ionizer, is also everything you need for green cleaning, organic gardening and so much more! Types of water pH : Sanitary… Read More »

The Dangers of Water Fracturing – Fracking

Water fracking or hydro-fracturing, is a technique of fracturing layers of rock, with pressurized liquid, to release petroleum, and natural gas.  This type of fracturing creates fractures from a wellbore drilled into reservoir rock formations. The combination of toxic fracking chemicals (slick-water) used in the extraction of the gas, pollutes the ground, kill plant life and our drinking.… Read More »