Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

I remember drinking water from the tap, as a child.  It was cold and crisp and delicious.  It was said, New York, that some of the best water in the country.   The question is, if it tastes good, does that me it’s really good for you? We owe it to ourselves, to take a ride to you… Read More »

Why I Stopped Drinking Soda

I to tell you why I stopped drinking soda. From the time I heard how terrible soda is for our health, I stopped drinking it!  Alkaline water has been the substitute for carbonated beverages.  Millions of people all over drink soda.  You can find Pepsi and Coke in the most remote places You can find Pepsi and Coke… Read More »

Bottled Water – Is it Better than Tap?

The bottled water industry grossed $11.8 billion dollars in 2012.  At $1.25 a gallon, it is 300 times more expensive than tap water.   There is a great bottled water deception that has been going on for decades.   The myth is that bottled water is better than tap water.   Water is marketed as pure, crisp and clean, with… Read More »

Alkaline Living Water

Everything we do revolves around water.  We drink it, swim, bathe,  wash our clothes in it, and we give it to our pets.   It is necessary to, flushes out toxins, process of digestion and absorption of food, carrying nutrients throughout the body.  It is mandatory for our survival. We can live 30 days without eating, but can… Read More »

Is your Well Water Contaminated?

Hydro-Fracking and Well Water.  You may think you are safe if you have well water, but if you live in an area where fracking is being done, you are in danger of having your water tainted. Hydo-fracking is the method of extract gas from the rock.  The combination of chemicals (slickwater) used in the extraction of the gas,… Read More »