Bottled Water – Is it Better than Tap?

The bottled water industry grossed $11.8 billion dollars in 2012.  At $1.25 a gallon, it is 300 times more expensive than tap water.   There is a great bottled water deception that has been going on for decades.   The myth is that bottled water is better than tap water.  

Water is marketed as pure, crisp and clean, with pictures of snow-capped mountains are waterfalls.  All to make us believe their water is untouched by pollutions or contaminants.

Many consumers have switched to packaged water, believing it is healthier.  If you ever read the label on your water, you might be surprised to discover  40% of bottle water comes from the municipal tap!

Since 2007, when Aquafina and Dasani were discovered to be practicing fraud in labeling; they have since made changes to their labeling, disclosing the ‘source’ as the municipal tap. They have since removed the wording, “as pure as water can be!”  Bottled water is one of the least monitored food substances industry in the US.  There is shocking, only ‘one’ EPA agent, to monitor all the bottled water companies in the United States.

Contaminants Found in Bottled Water – Click to Enlarge

alt="bottled water"Say it isn’t so!  Don’t tell me that Coke Cola and Pepsi, haven’t been honest with me!  If you cannot trust Pepsi or Coke, can you trust the hundreds of other water companies out there?  Also, it was discovered that Coca-Cola’s Dasani bottled water, had illegally high levels of bromate, a cancer-causing  agent.

So, basically, there is no oversight  over the bottle water industry.  By law, they are not obligated to disclose the source of the water they are selling to the public.  So we have to trust that what we are drinking is safe and healthy. So, most of the time we are drinking purified tap water, and not spring water.

Health Hazards of Bottled Water

Bottled water sits in plastic for months, as the chemical from the plastic bottle leaches into the water.  If you have ever left you water in your car in the heat, know that heat magnifies and increases the number of chemicals from the plastic into the water.  Later, you bring it upstairs, put it into the refrigerator until it is cold, and your whole family drinks it. 

You may ask if it is so bad, why doesn’t the government do something about it?  Well, bottle water companies have virtually no regulators.  There is but one inspector to regulate the entire industry.  Can you say the word lobbyists?  As the people become more and more educated, my hope is they demand clean pure water.

The ill effects from drinking bottled water are:

  • weakened immune system
  • hyperactivity
  • increased aggressiveness
  • learning disabilities
  • reproductive problems
  • prostate cancer cells
  • affect prostate size

Water Filtration

Let’s stop making the water companies rich, and consider investing in some type of water  purifying system or water  alkalizer.  Water purifiers  remove many chemicals and pollutants from the water.  A water alkalizer will make at least 5 types of water ranging from alkaline to acidic, including purified water.

pH water has been proven to improve health, detoxify your body quicker, and can be used for everything from sterilizing to  killing fungus to helping your pets.  The pet will either like it or leave it.  My cats love it!   Take time and do your homework, and find the best filtration system  or alkalizer machine for your family and lifestyle.


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