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Who Makes the Best Water Ionizer?

You may want to know who produces the best water ionizer.  Many machines produce great alkaline water.  The key is to purchase an ionizer from a reputable company that has manufactured this product exclusively for a long period of time and stands by its product.

Some alkaline water companies that pop up are gone tomorrow because they are a “Private Label Seller.”  These companies make no major investment, but purchase the inventory, a brand name and voila, they’re in business.  Read more about this in, “Guide to Buying Water Ionizers.”   Many companies brag about certification, which is not necessarily proof of quality, as certification can be purchased or falsified.

Enagic Alkaline Water Ionizer

The makers of Kangen ionizers, not only produce quality alkaline water, they stand behind their product and have offices all across the United States.  The word “Kangen” which is Japanese for “return to origin” is the essence of the water purifying and ionizing systems created by Japanese water technology.   These devices purify the regular flow of tap water and the alkaline and acidic components of the water.

The company is widely known for producing machines that make ionized drinking water.  It contains anti-oxidant properties, known to be beneficial to normal body function.  The water purifying system uses the process of electrolysis, which divides the water flow into two portions.

One segment of the water becomes the HO acidic molecule, which is reserved for external use like that of abating, washing or face cleaning, etc. The other segment becomes the alkaline OH molecule which  is used for drinking and cooking.

Alkaline Water Facts

According to recent studies, the average person needs both acid and alkaline components for food absorption, muscle recovery, and general well-being.  The consumption of acidic food, carbonated drinks and environmental toxins, pH levels become acidic.  Ionized or alkaline waters can help balance out the body’s pH levels and become more alkaline, improving health and vitality.

The water is easily absorbed by the human body as the molecular composition is smaller in size as compared to regular tap water, which is made up of larger molecules.  As a result, body cells can suffer from a type of cellular dehydration when consuming non-alkaline water, which results in the cells either dying out before time or malfunctioning.   Ionized water has the power to rehydrate these cells to stop them from drying out prematurely.

In addition, this water energizes and hydrates the body and improves the taste of food, and shortens cooking time.  It also tastes better than regular water when consumed directly. It promotes regularity and helps the body absorb nutrients more effectively, which in the long run helps to address obesity and other medical issues.

The Best Water Ionizer and the Best Investment

Enagic is one major company in the water industry, dedicate solely to the production of quality machines since 1974.   No machine is not mass produced but assembled by hand by one technician.   These machines last from fifteen to twenty years, and if needed can be rebuilt by the company, for a fraction of the original cost.  Each unit is made of medical grade titanium and platinum. There is no risk or metal corrosion and leaking into the water.

Why Enagic Makes the Best Water Ionizer

• Last up to 20 years
• In business 41 years
• Individually assembled on site
• You can try the water before your buy
• Medical Grade titanium and platinum
• All machine parts manufactured by company
• Offices throughout the US and Canada
• Machines used in Hospital and orphanages in Japan
• Machine certified as a medical device by Ministry of Health in Japan