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Alkaline Water for Better Dehydration

What is hydration?    It is the restoration or maintenance of fluid balance with water.  Jane E. Brody once said, ” “Cold water is the fastest and safest way to hydrate an ordinary athlete.” Hydrating with water is the most important factor when participating in any sport! Hydration Sappers The culprits to proper hydration are coffee, soda, fructose-filled… Read More »

Kangen Water – Better than Sport Drinks

There are so many sports drinks on the market, since the dawn of Gatorade in the 60’s.  With a plethora of brands, such as  Gatorade, Vitamin water, Powerade, Propel to name a few, you may wonder  are they all the same?   Why drink electrolyte drinks?  Sports drinks typically replenish the loss of water through sweating and electrolytes… Read More »