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Find Kangen Water® Distributor

Looking for a Kangen Water® distributor near you?   If you have heard about this alkaline water and wanted to try it out for yourself, you may need a little help.  There is a lot of alkaline water companies out there, and many companies have jumped on the alkaline water bandwagon because this product has become so popular.  The competition has copied the look and sound of Enagic’s products and demonstrations.

If you are a Kangen Water® Distributor and willing to share water please leave your information and policy details in the comments section.

This water is great tasting and imitation is the sincerest be of flattery.  But don’t be fooled.  Look for a certified Kangen Water distributor when looking for this life-giving H2O!  There is a lot of alkaline water companies out there, and many companies have jumped on the alkaline water bandwagon because this product has become so popular. Kangen Water super hydrates and detoxifies your body.

Who wouldn’t want to try alkaline water?  When looking for an alkaline water system, research the company.  All alkaline water machines are not created equal.  Enagic has made ionizers for almost 40 years.   The Japanese Health and Welfare Agency has approved these electrolysis water devices as medical equipment.  Don’t be fooled by imitators.

Alkaline Water

I don’t know of any companies that, that allow you to try the water before your purchase, except for Enagic distributors.  Check with your health-food stores to see if they are selling pH water.  Some stores are offering this water to their customers for a few dollars.

There is no way to check the ORP (oxidation reduction potential), or store water unless you have your own ORP meter.  An ORP meter will determine the potency, which affects the oxidation properties of pH water.  This is particularly important if you want to drink the water to improve your health.

You can also buy bottled pH water.  This is not a bad alternative if you can find bottled alkaline water or water with a higher pH than tap.  While the pH levels of alkaline water last for a few months, with bottled pH water the ORP properties of alkaline water only last about three days of being bottled.  So you will receive little or no ORP unless the pH water is fresh.  The only way to get the optimum benefits of this water is to get it straight from the machine when it is the strongest.

Enagic® International Distributor –  If you are looking for a Kangen Water® Distributor, please leave a comment!

Find a Distributor

The best water to find a distributor is the word of mouth.  If you do not know someone who has the water, do a Google search for the water along with your zip code.  If you are looking to try the water as a free trial, do a Google search for “free Kangen Water®” and your zip code.  Keep in mind that all distributors do not give water trials.  You will have to make several calls to contact someone who will share the water or will be able to direct you to a Water store in your area.  Good luck and happy drinking!

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  1. I’ve been drinkung Kanchenjunga watt for over 8 years. It’s changed my life & many others I know. I moved to Ohio and will be buying one, until then, a close friend is suffering from physical ailments that could change with kangen water. Please, if there is anyone around that will share several gallons, we’ll pay per gallon. Need 2 / 2.5
    2/ 9.5
    1 / 11.5

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