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Personal Care – Use Alkaline Water for Beautiful Skin

Find out how to save money on personal care products with alkaline water.   It sanitizes, fights acne, softens hair and cures bad breath. Using 2.5 pH water, is an excellent sanitizer.  Men can use it to sterilize razors and apply on cuts and scrapes from shaving.  It prevents bacteria from getting into cuts and causing infection.  Alkaline water, also soothes the skin and prevents razors bumps.

Spray 2.5 on the skin or use you hand to apply after shaving an area.  Instead of moisturizers, you can use alkaline water to hydrate you skin after shaving.  Each year the average household spends hundreds of dollars on personal care problems, like mouth wash, sanitizer, disinfectant, face scrubs and cleansers and the like.  You can cut you person care bill down by 2/3 when you use mufti-purposed  alkaline water.  There are so many different ways to use this  alkaline water, you will be amazed.

Save Money on Personal Care Products

Alkaline Water as a Sanitizer:  You can also use 2.5 alkaline water as a sanitizer for your hands counter surfaces and child areas.  For portable convenience, take a bottle with you to the gym, and spray in exercise equipment before and after using and spaying the shower floor before taking a shower at the gym.   If will help kill bacteria that causes athlete’s feet fungus, boils and other contagious viruses and bacteria found at the gym.

Oral Health If you have soar or bleeding bums, often it is cause by trapped bacteria between the teeth.  This causes inflammation and when flossing, will cause pain and bleeding.  For improved gum health, us alkaline water 2.5 pH as a rinse, after brushing and flossing.  It kills bacteria and stops bleeding.

Skin Blemishes: Many people have perfect skin.  Many suffer from occasional or sever acne and other skin problems.   11.0 pH heaps to remove excess skin oil  and 2.5 kills bacteria from skin surfaces.  Use whenever a flare-up begins to prevent outbreaks.  You can also use 11.0 and 2.5 to treat dandruff and other scalp problems.  After washing, use 6.0 to restore dry skin and relieve flaking.

Hair Care:  You skin is the largest organ in you body and is absorbs everything that touches it.  Avoid harmful chemicals and make you own shampoo with 6.0 pH alkaline water.  Chemicals are all around us in the foods we eat, and the product we use in our home and on our body.  Environmental Working Group (EWG) found the presence of 16 chemicals found in cosmetics that are absorbed in the skin and enter our blood stream and our urine.

You can spend hundreds of dollars a year on personal care products.  If you own your alkaline water machine, you will no doubt save a lot of money.  With the questionable quality of our drinking water, this would be a wonderful investment to any home.


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