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Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

I remember drinking water from the tap, as a child.  It was cold and crisp and delicious.  It was said, New York, that some of the best water in the country.   The question is, if it tastes good, does that me it’s really good for you?

We owe it to ourselves, to take a ride to you municipal water company and ask for a water report, and find out what we are really drinking.  I don’t want to be dramatic, but most of what we drink has low levels of poison, toxic chemicals, ecoli,  and bacteria.

 Drinking Water what in it?

What happens to the pharmaceuticals, steroids, anti-depressants and birth control pills, that pass from the body and go down the toilet?  They end up in our drinking water, of course.  As of yet, there is no method of removing these drugs. Often chemical or sewage spills filter into the reservoirs and make it smelly and dangerous to drink!  This is why I started drinking distilled water, only to discover, that too came from the municipal tap.

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If you knew what was in your tap, would you drink it? There are traces of coliform bacteria (intestinal bacteria), yeast, viruses, lead, hormones, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride,  and DPT.  The two surprising compounds found in municipal drinking water, are lye and arsenic; which if taken in large amounts would kill almost instantly.

Chromium-6 is a chemical known to cause cancer when inhaled, yet there is proof that it is also harmful when ingested. Chromium-6 is in our drinking water in many states. They have no idea what these mixtures of drugs and chemicals will have on the health of the nation. It is amazing to me that our government allows its citizens to be poisonous chemicals.

Does Anyone Care?

How much poison is acceptable? In short, if it makes us sick in 20, 40 or 60 years, it is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t kill us immediately? If we are to keep ourselves and our families, we have got to take steps, ensure the quality of our what we drink. Legislation has not kept our waters safe, and they are now talking about loosening regulations.  We have to demand safe drinking positive changes for ourselves and our families.   Until such time as we can trust what is in our water, get a water purification system.


Environmental Working Group

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