The Dangers of Water Fracturing – Fracking

Water fracking or hydro-fracturing, is a technique of fracturing layers of rock, with pressurized liquid, to release petroleum, and natural gas.  This type of fracturing creates fractures from a wellbore drilled into reservoir rock formations.

The combination of toxic fracking chemicals (slick-water) used in the extraction of the gas, pollutes the ground, kill plant life and our drinking.  Fracking uses the process uses up to 8,000,000 gallons of water for each drilling process. These chemicals used are diesel fuel, benzene biocides (cancer causing), and hydrochloric acid. These are only the chemicals we know about.

Companies using these methods do not have disclosure laws to tell the public, all the chemicals use in fracking. Once you wells are contaminated, you can not drink or use the water safely.

How Water Fracking Pollutes

  • nitrogenous fertilizers
  •  fracking chemicals
  • manure from farms
  • Wasted from abandoned mines
  • Broken or leaking Septic systems
  • Illegal dumping of chemicals
  • Leaking from below ground oil and gas tankers
  • Oil spills and leakages, near well site

Hydro-Fracturing and Well Water

You may think you are safe if you have well water, but if you live in an area where fracking is being done.   The combination of chemicals (slick water) used in the extraction of the gas, pollutes the ground, kill plant life and our drinking.

Guardians of the Planet

The way we treat the earth will determine if the earth will be able to continue to sustain us. We can not continue to pollute our air, water ways and planet, and expect to thrive.

I remember in the 70s there was a Native American Indian, standing by a river surrounded by garbage, with a tear running down his cheek! Indians are very spiritual and really get it. We are responsible for this planet. Large corporations do not care what happens to this planet; as long as they continue to become wealthy, at the expense of us all!

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