What is Potential Hydrogen or pH?

Potential hydrogen or pH,  is the acronym for the words “potential of hydrogen,” a chemistry term. It is the measure of a substances alkalinity or acidity.    It measures the hydrogen ion concentration of water.

While alkalinity, is the measure of the capacity to resist a sudden change in potential hydrogen.   This is called the buffering capacity. It also refers to the more familiar term, relating to alkaline-water.  In truth, all water is pH water, in that, all water is made of hydrogen/oxygen, and has a certain pH level.

 How is pH is Measured?

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pH is a log rhythmic scale. It is the standard way of measures if something is neutral, acidic or alkaline.  Each number on the scale is ten times different than its neighbor on either side.  The scale i measured from the numbers 1 through 14.  Any number lower than 7 represents acidic and higher than 7 represents alkaline or basic.  The  ion concentration is measured in gram atoms per liter.

Every substance will be either acid, alkaline or have a  potential hydrogen or pH,  of zero.  All of our bodies needs to stay slightly alkaline. The body has several features to rid acid build-up in the body.  For one, breathing, expels pH from the body by expelling carbon dioxide.

What Affects pH?

Everything we eat is either acidic, neutral or alkaline.  Processed foods has a potential hydrogen, that registers as acidic.  Add a carbonated beverage to junk food and you are reeking havoc on the pH of your body.   An acidic body is toxic, dehydrated, and more likely to become stressed and ill.  On of the best ways to improve the potential hydrogen or pH of your body is to eat alkaline vegetables, such as:

  • green beans
  • kale
  • peas
  • pumpkin
  • tomatoes

Potential Hydrogen in fruits like:

  • apples,
  • berries
  • bananas
  • cantaloupe
  • grapes

You will be glad to know that many of the foods you love, can help you keep  potential hydrogen levels, where they need to be, in order to sustain health.  The other way to improve potential hydrogen, is drinking alkaline water.    8.5 to 9.0 water will increase potential hydrogen levels.

If you are healthy, your pH should be at 7.0.  If you drink soda, I will guarantee that you are acidic and your pH needs adjusting.  If you drink one can of soda, it will take 32 ounces of pH water to neutralize the acidity in this beverage.  The best way to test your potential hydrogen, level, is to use  testing strips, which measure the acidity or alkalinity of your body.


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